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What is Prospect 33 Industry Insights?

A dedicated forum for industry experts & insiders to share insights on the implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Science (DS) in Banking & Financial Services (BFS).

Hosted by Prospect 33, with the vision of creating a safe forum for the open sharing of knowledge and experience for the greater good of the industry. Industry insiders will have the added benefit of being part of a private network of experts who meet offline regularly to discuss industry trends and topics of interest and importance.

These roundtable sessions are designed for individuals who want to learn more about DS in BFS or for others already engaged in the industry to gain a broader perspective of AI & DS use-cases.

An open sharing community for the experiences, lessons, and challenges faced by the individuals pioneering complex Data and DS solutions within the industry. 

Join us as we discuss the past, present, and future of AI & DS in our field.  

By joining our events, you have the opportunity to network and connect with other like-minded professionals, expand your knowledge of practical data science applications, and familiarize yourself with the BFS industry.

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Hays W. “Skip” McCormick
Hays W. “Skip” McCormickData Science Lead in Architecture and Data Office, BNY Mellon
Speaker on 25th Mar 2021
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Skip leads Data Science at Bank of New York Mellon where he is driving horizontal analytic reach for predictive analytics and machine learning. Skip is working to help converge information resources from disparate structured and unstructured systems into a high-performance professional forecasting foundation to help push BNY Mellon toward a powerful data-driven footing with consistent metrics, governance, and oversight.

Skip grew up in the Seattle, Washington area where he enjoyed hiking, camping, fishing and sports. Before joining BNY Mellon, Skip served in the US Navy followed by a career in national intelligence where he was privileged to lead global-scale enterprise data science, supercomputing, and information management projects, gaining credible expertise in solving high-consequence big-data analytics problems with imperfect data, uncertain context, and critical dependencies on dynamic metadata tracking at massive scale.

Skip is a musician and enjoys building giant-scale Radio-Control WWII aircraft for fun.
Richard Black
Richard BlackChief Data Officer, Danske Bank
Speaker on 4th Feb 2021
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Richard is the Chief Data Officer at Danske Bank in Copenhagen, where he driving the Bank’s capability to use data for business insight, processing efficiency, and compliance.

His background spans business development, IT strategy, enterprise architecture, software development, national cyber-security, electronics engineering, and audio engineering in senior and executive roles at the Deutsche Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland, Bank of England, BP, TIBCO, Enron, Bankers Trust, and the Royal Australian Air Force.

He lives in between London and Copenhagen, where he is a regular club cyclist, and a sometimes vinyl disc jockey. Foremost amongst Richard’s interests are neuroscience, organisational culture, music, art and design.
George Dyer
George DyerDirector, Barclays
Speaker on 4th Feb 2021
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George Dyer is the Global Head of Client, Control, and Data Operations at Barclays. George joined Barclays in 2007, and has 20 years of experience in financial services operations with a primary focus in data analytics and controls. Prior to joining Barclays, George was with Goldman Sachs for 10 years where he held several senior Operations roles across: Prime Brokerage, Asset Servicing, and Listed Derivatives.
Budha Bhattacharya
Budha BhattacharyaProduct Manager, KPMG
Speaker on 4th Feb 2021
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Budha Bhattacharya has over 15 years experience in Capital Markets. In his previous roles he helped deliver MIFID II for Goldman Sachs and LIBOR + other benchmarks remediation & conduct risk program for UBS as an Executive Director. He has successfully delivered complex quantitative and regulatory change programmes across several tier one IBs and AM firms providing: Program Management, Regulatory Change, Operational Risk framework & Business Transformation.


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